Samveen S. Gulati,
MTech Graduate Student,
Department of Computer Science and Engineering,
Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay,
Mumbai - 400076, India



Resume(an outdated one)

Pics (at your own risk)

Simla Pics(2007)

Hall of Idiots N GEniuses




Hall of Idiots N GEniuses*

* Or maybe just idiots

Hi everyone. This is the $(echo "Hall of fame"|sed s/f/sh/2) of the people around whom my life has changed radically. this is a far from complete list as (now I'm going sentimental) my brother's pic is missing (as well as some other idiots). But not to worry as it'll be coming soon (I've got another 3 years to put it here HEHEHE)

All Hail L

Anurag, the stud.